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San Antonio Pain Management: Your Path to Relief and Recovery

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From many of your personal experiences, you may ever experience back pain which can be distinctively complex and difficult to diagnose and treat. There are various types of back pain, and a vast range of treatments may or may not work for the same condition.

Instead of taking care of your backache carelessly, and adding more rest to your routine is also not the only solution. It can have severe complications. It’s better to know which of your activities causes backache and seek professional help from clinical experts of Pain Help in San Antonio. After all, it’s about backache, you should get rid of this pain and enjoy a healthy and active routine.

What are the Daily Activities that Cause Back Pain?

1.Sitting at a Desk for longer periods

Sitting at your desk the whole day can overexert the spine and can lead to biochemical changes in the behind posture. This happens when you don’t take breaks in between or sit in the same inaccurate posture for 6-8 hours. In turn, poor posture may cause disc compression in the spine and premature degeneration which can be severely painful.

2.Poor Posture

Bending or slumping while you play games, text, or watching TV puts enormous pressure on the spine and backwards causing acute or chronic backache. However, bad posture is one of the common causes of backache, it is significant to adjust posture.

3.Lifting Heavy Weight Objects

Dragging, pulling or lifting heavy weight objects inaccurately can exert a strain on the backwards muscles. This goes with the gym as well. The various activities that you perform as a part of your gym could lead to significant pain. In addition, any odd movement while you carry the weight may tear down the muscle causing extreme pain.

4.Wrong Sleeping Position

Bad sleeping position can also lead to lower backwards pain while you are awake. If you lie on your stomach, most of your weight gets accumulated in the center of your body. This exerts excessive pressure on the lumbar area causing backache when you lie down.

5.Lack of Physical Activity

With injury or backwards ache, doing exercises may seem to be difficult. However, if you do not engross yourself in any form of physical activity, it can make the body weak, stiff and inflexible. This only brings discomfort and pain to you. If you’re lacking exercise, it can later lead to complications. For example-if you have eaten much on a daily basis and are not exercising regularly can cause stiffness and tension in your lower backwards.


Your body releases cortisol and adrenaline while you experience stress. It then triggers reflexive muscle spasms and tightening. With incurable stress, this tension may cause extreme discomfort and pain. Since pain changes the pain-sensitive circuits, it may cause you chronic and acute backache. This pain lasts for 2-3 months and can take longer than 6 months, in some cases.

Your back is basically composed of a central bony structure known as vertebral column which envelops the blood vessels, spinal cord and is backed by ligaments, muscles and cartilage-like discs that shield the vertebrae. Problems with any of these elements because of any reason can cause discomfort and backwards pain. Also, if you take precautions, sometimes with the best prevention, backwards pain happens and interrupts in your daily life to the point where clinical intervention is necessary. It is always advisable to seek professional support from Pain Help in San Antonio Clinics where you may find relief from backwards pain and regain control of your lives. These professionals can help with your spine wellness and pain care.