Herniated Disc


What is a herniated disc and what are the symptoms?

A herniated disc is damage of the disc, which is a cushion between the vertebral bones at any level in the neck or in the low back, that can be damaged, torn, or herniated.

When this happens, the disc itself can hurt in the low back or in the area where it is herniated as well as cause swelling or compression of nerves in the transverse area causing pain that radiates into the arms or into the legs depending on the location.

When the pain persists or is severe and has failed to improve after one or two months, more specific treatments might be indicated like epidural steroid injections or transforaminal injections. More advanced studies might be required, like lumbar discography to diagnose the tear and the location of the pain as well as more advanced treatments like laser treatment to the disc to seal the tear, relieve the pain from the disc or relieve the compression of the disc onto the nerve roots mid-back. More small damage to the disc-like a small tear will be able to heal on its own although it might remain weak in that area, it will not necessitate any further treatment like surgery or injections.

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