Lumbar Surgery

What is Lumbar IntelliSpine?

Lumbar IntelliSpine is a procedure that reduces the bulging or herniated disc material impinging on a spinal nerve. In this outpatient procedure, the physician accesses the spine through tiny incisions (5 millimeters or less) in the lower back and uses an HD camera and laser to visualize the lumbar spine and reduce the bulging/herniated disc material or scar tissue impinging on a spinal nerve. Recovery is very quick compared to traditional, open surgery.

Benefits of IntelliSpine  Lumbar Procedure

  • Medical Innovators: North American Spine pioneered this exclusive laser procedure
  • Treats Multiple Levels: Through direct visualization, doctors are able to see and treat multiple problem areas with more accuracy during one procedure
  • Minimally Invasive: Incisions are typically only 3 millimeters
  • Relief: By relieving pressure on the nerve, symptoms are significantly relieved after surgery, with continual gradual relief over time
  • Outpatient: Performed as an outpatient procedure, allowing for faster recovery and lower costs than traditional surgery
  • Lower Infection Rate: North American Spine facilities focus specifically on minimally invasive surgery, not on illness and infection. With an infection rate that is less than 1%, your risk of developing an infection or an illness is far lower than it would be at a large hospital
  • Best Outcomes: 95% of our patients would recommend their physician

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