Cervical Surgery

Benefits of IntelliSpine Cervical Procedure

The goal of the IntelliSpine Cervical Laser Procedure is to reduce symptoms in the neck–and pain radiating from these areas into the shoulders, head, arms, or fingers–by relieving pressure on the nerves in the spinal canal. This minimally invasive procedure may be performed to reduce bulging/herniated disc material or scar tissue using a small laser, inserted through a hollow needle. Compared to traditional approaches, the IntelliSpine Procedure creates considerably less surgical trauma, less bone and tissue damage, and results in fewer complications and a reduced recovery period. In addition, avoiding overnight hospital stays can also mean a lower out-of-pocket cost for the patient. Note: We do see patients whose previous spine surgeries are no longer providing them the relief they need.

Details of the IntelliSpine Cervical Procedure

The IntelliSpine Cervical Laser Procedure utilizes the anterior approach. No incisions are made. A laser is inserted through a needle and fired intermittently to reduce the herniated disc tissue and seal tears in the disc, decompressing the nerve.

Preparing for the IntelliSpine Cervical Procedure

Before pursuing the IntelliSpine Procedure, prospective patients should have tried conservative methods, such as physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and spinal injections. If those methods have not produced meaningful relief, you may be a candidate for a North American Spine procedure.

Cervical IntelliSpine Recovery

This procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis, and the recovery period is typically much shorter than open spine surgery. While any surgery requires time to heal, many patients report relief within the first few days and are able to return to light activities as well.

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