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Alleviating Aches: Joint Pain Care in San Antonio

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Joint Pain San Antonio

Joint pains are very painful and lead to distressing levels as they impact your daily lives on various levels. While it can cause mild stress in small tasks, they can even cause broader disruption in your regular activities. No one likes an aching joint, it’s always annoying, painful and complex to live with.

With the onset of joint aches, you need to do a series of activities and alternative forms of joint pain management such as chiropractic care, physiotherapy and acupuncture. Moreover, you can consult a clinical professional who specializes in Joint Pain in San Antonio and get the relief you deserve. But don’t let your joint pain become a severe condition. These qualified professionals can guide you on your recovery path and help you overcome this pain.

How to Protect Your Joints?

1. Perform Low-Impact Exercises

When it comes to low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming and biking, it exerts low pressure on your joints. Before you indulge into your workout program, make sure to warm up your muscles first and stretch out. Don’t go for high-impact exercises such as running and aerobics as it puts stress on the hip and knee joints.

2. Muscle Strengthening

Weight training is essential for strong joints. Building up the muscles and tendons that surround your joints gives them the required support they need to do the exercise. Before you indulge in a weight-training program, you may seek consultation from a physical therapist to exemplify exercises that will be less strenuous to your joints.

3. Take More Calcium Intake

Consuming a rich diet in calcium keeps your bones and cartilage strong. Dairy products such as milk and yogurt and including broccoli and kale in your vegetable diet are good choices. If you’re not getting adequate calcium in your diet, try taking a calcium supplement. To support your body to absorb calcium, ensure to consume a sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

4. Keep a Track on your Weight and Quit Smoking

If you are fat, it builds up additional pressure to your weight-bearing joints especially when it comes to your hips and knees. By shedding extra pounds decreases the burden on your joints. On the other side, smoking cigarettes adds to bone loss which could cause you fractures and osteoporosis. You should quit smoking now to restore your joint health and bone mass.

5. Be Compassionate to your Joints

While lifting heavy items, use your both arms and hold the item close to your body to ease the stress on your joints. Bend at your knees, not at your back. In addition, always maintain good posture when you stand or sit to help support your joints.

6. Put the Ice to Ease the Pain

If you consider not taking any medicines, you can simply ice your joints for managing occasional swelling and joint pain. You can put some ice in a towel and apply to your joint for 20 minutes. This will help you to ease out the pain and discomfort.

Your joints are safeguarded by the cartilage layers that act as a shield for the bones. When this cartilage wears down, the bones start grinding together which results in joint pain and arthritis is likely to develop. It is always advisable to look for clinics for Joint Pain in San Antonio, if you wish to keep your joints in good shape in the longer run. Start now and start taking precautions to prevent any damage in the future.