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Transformational Injections

What is a transforaminal injection?

A transforaminal injection is a commonly used procedure in interventional pain management. With x-ray guidance, a needle is guided into the exiting of the nerve root as it comes out from the spinal cord through a small hole called the foramina. Placing the steroid specifically at that level between where the disc might be pinching it or a bone spur might be pinching the nerve will alleviate the neck or back pain as well as pain that radiates to the arms or the legs and is very effective treatment.

What are the indications for transforaminal injection?

Indication for transforaminal injection is usually persistent neck or low back pain that radiates to the extremity, either the arm or the leg, and has failed to improve with more conservative treatments specifically when a herniated disc is impinging upon the nerve root. Guiding the needle closest to that area will provide a better chance of improvement. A series of anywhere from one to three injections will suffice to improve the condition.