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What is arthritis and what are the different types of arthritis?

Arthritis implies the wear and tear of joints of different parts of the body. The most common type of arthritis includes overuse and natural wear and tear that happens over the years depending on the physical activity of the individual and his overall health. Other more specific arthritis include many different types, most commonly are rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, infection-type arthritis like Lyme disease or septic arthritis, trauma, and many others. The symptoms of arthritis include pain in the joint especially with range of motion or movement, swelling, and deformity overall in the long term. Arthritis is diagnosed usually by clinical exam, certain blood tests, x-rays, and MRIs.

What treatment options are available for arthritis?

For osteoarthritis, there are many different alternatives of treatments starting with the most conservative which will be nonsteroidals, physical therapy, bracing, to more advanced treatments inclusive of cortisone injections into the joint, lubricant injections into the joint, platelet-rich plasma injections into the joint.

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